I just need to lose 15 more pounds and then I'll schedule my session, I don't have anything to wear, I'm too old to do a session like this, I think my husband will love this but I'm not a model.... 
These are all concerns we have heard from our clients and you may be having the same thoughts. 
Well, we are going to tell you the same thing we told them.... YOU ARE GORGEOUS JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! We believe every woman deserves to feel like the queen they are! Embrace your beauty and don't worry about anything else. 
We are here to be your biggest cheerleader as you enter this journey of self-love.
As a company, we have chosen to protect the privacy of our Lace Sisterhood. 
For this reason, we do not post boudoir photos on our website, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.
Please note; that we do female boudoir sessions and reserve them for personal confidence, groom's gifts, anniversary presents, and sweet surprises for your husband. 
If you are interested in boudoir photography services, please send us a direct message.
Thank you!
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